Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.634

We have been a seller of vintage/used kimono, and we are starting a new field of `monozukuri'(making products) by using the most advanced printer.
Bringing in the printer into the room (second floor) was quite a job- using a big crane with four professionals. The entrance is narrow and there was no extra room but they placed the machine perfeclty We were amazed by their flawless job! (Please see the above photo).
We named this room `Kimonotte atelier'(this is the name of the brand).
What are we printing? We scan design from vintage kimono and arrange - using the design partially or adding change or combining with other design to create new design which has both modern and vintage taste.
Mugi is in charge of creating the fusion and we are planning to show by the photos. We bought a machine which can do `modeling'. We make patterns of design on PC and they can be shown as if the models are wearing them in the photos. There is no need of actual kimono with the created design - on PC, it looks as if a model is wearing a kimono with the design.
We will be preparing design in many colors and patterns and show the photos of modeling, so the customers can order what they like- we make the kimono( or obi) on- demand. It depends on the item but what we are expecting to complete a kimono in a week to three weeks in future.
The above photos are some of prototype products.
Mugi made these design and we printed on wide polyester fabric to make kimono, obi, haneri collar and obiage sash.
We were always enchanted by amazing design of vintage kimono but they are expensive and most of the case have some damage (and size are small). If people who like them could actually wear them, it will be great! The new printer and the machine which can show the modeling are making it possible. 
We still need some time until the actual open of Kimonotte atelier. We planned to open earlier but there were small issues to solve.
We thought the machine can just produce the item smoothly but we found we needed `technique' (knack) to manipulate the machine. We needed a lot of trial and error since the machines arrived. We had to try and ask people - for example, cutting fabric straight with smooth edge, it was really hard. Someone told us we need to buy an expensive machine to do accurate cutting. Another big spending? We were desperate sometimes but finally found the way to do smooth cutting with heating cutter we had, we were so relieved. 
We are now taking a breath of relief after overcoming some obstacles (but we are not even on the startline yet!)
When Kimonotte can launch, you can choose your favorite design in favorite colors with your size.
 The fabric is wide, not narrow as traditional kimono bolt, so if you need fabric, we can sell as fabric also.
It will take some more time before the actual open-we hope you like new products from Kimonotte atelier!