Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.820


Dear Ichiroya news letter readers
How are you doing?
This time Iori is writing.
It is getting colder and has been comfortable sunny days these days in Japan.
Leaves are getting red or yellow. It is time to go seeing red maple leaves.
This month we'll have the Shichi-go-san festival for children of three, five and seven years of age.
You might have read about the Shichi-go-san before in the previous article.
It is a day of prayer for the healthy growth of young children.
I have three kids and they are seven, five and three years old, so we took photo shooting of them in advance.
Kids looked happy in pretty kimono because there are few chances to wear kimono recently.
Parents were tired trying not let them run and jump, and make them smile to the camera at the same time.
Anyway, it will be a good memory.






Did you know we have made original children's kimono on Kimonotte project?
It has colorful, cute and attractive designs from authentic vintage kimono.
We also have new kimono for 5 years old boys.
There are many other cute and kawaii kimonos for children in our shop.
Some vintage items are useful for handicraft material and so on.
Thank you for reading till the end.
Please have a wonderful weekend!
See you next time.