Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.635

Kimono archive


 Hello from Ichiro. Have you take a look at our Kimono Archive website? I hope you enjoy the photos of amazing kimono from everyone. Please enjoy browsing this website- you can leave comment or put `star' mark or add the photos of your collection!

If you add some photos of your kimono collection, you can share them with many other people. 

For example, Saiyuu2(our friend) has his page with his amazing collection.


collection of saiyuu2




 Saiyuu2(Mitsuno-san) has been in this field way longer than we are. He is a great collector and do business also with antique/vintage items. His deep insight for antique textile is outstanding. I have been his shop in Kyoto - the place was filled with books, just as a library. He is knowledgeable about textiles from Tohoku, especially SASHIKO, which has all different patterns according to area and age.

He often adds some of his collection in this Kimono Archive website-they are just awesome!

 Let me show you some of his collection listed in Kimono Archive:

Supreme Fukusa from Edo period.



 Shonai Sashiko



ヨーロッパの司祭の服 Priest's costume from Europe



Asa Noren Tsutsugaki



Yuzen Yogi



Aren't they amazing? They are just part of his collection. I am always looking forward to seeing more of his collection.

We are sure there are more collectors like him in the world.  People have different taste and interest, so seeing their unique collection in this web museum will be a great fun.

We have our own page too-most of our collection is what we are selling (some of them have been already sold)on our website. There are around 300 selected items. We hope you enjoy taking a look at our page too! Your comment are more than welcome!


collection of  us ( ICHIROYA )



 We hope this newsletter is making you feel like joining Kimono Archive and add your collection:-)