Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.722


Shimaenaga, Long-tailed Tit obidome buckle #363253 on Kimonotte collar #363626

KAWAII items from Ichiroya


Dear Ichiroya newsletter readers,

Hi! This is Nagisa writing again. How have you been? I went to Expo '70 Commemorative Park to watch a football game last Sunday. The Expo park is where the Japan World Exposition was held in 1970, and it's located in Suita city, Osaka. There is a huge park now, which has a lot of sports facilities, big events are often held there, and seasonal flowers are come into full bloom in each season here and there. So that, many people visit the park throughout the year, and I've been there many times since I was a child. Now is a good season to see autumn leaves!


Incidentally, my old school football team 'KG Fighters' won through to the national tournament. Congrats! However, my favorite NFL team Texans is... Sigh... I've been heartbroken by the news about two legendary players' injuries... I was almost started to fold a thousand cranes with grief... I went to Goou Jinja Shinto Shrine instead. It's one of the unique Jinja in Kyoto, which is enshrined the guardian of legs and lower back. People come there, and pray for someone's or their own good health or recovery from worries about legs or lower back. I prayed for their speedy recovery from the other side of the sea!


By the way, there are various types of guardians other than health, such as learning, victory, love, business, and money. They are enshrined at each Jinja throughout Japan, and we visit these Jinja and pray depending on our worries or desires. Also, going around temples and shrines, and collecting stamps called 'Goshuin' on a stamp book is popular among ladies in Japan. Why don't you try it if you come to Japan?

Here is the today's main theme finally! (Sorry, my introductory stories are always too long.) I've been taking part in a class once a week recently. I study there about Japanese language education for non native speakers. Lots of Japanese words are used as they are in the world now. Kimono, Sushi, Ninja, Emoji, and so on. 'Kawaii' is one of them. Have you ever used the words? There are some English words which mean 'Kawaii' such as charming, cute, pretty, adorable, and lovely. When I write descriptions of Kimono items, I sometimes wonder which word I should choose. Anyways, 'Kawaii' is a very useful word, especially young girls often use this word for everything. I also often hear that our boss Ichiro says 'Look! This vintage Kimono is very 'Kawaii', isn't it?'

We have many 'Kawaii' items at Ichiroya! They are also perfect for Christmas gift, too!

*Owl Otedama: #320438


*Hair Accessory & Earring: #390038-390040


*Kimonotte Han-eri collar






*Christmas Motif