Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.851



Thank you for your patronage.


I am YUKI, I work as a receprionist of Ichiroya. Yes Ichiroya is a net shop and does not have actual store open for public, but still Ichiro and Yuka thought it is better to have a receptionist lady at the entrance, so I have been here for 19 years. I am a bit dusty because of all the years, and some new staff did not notice me but I was here in kimono, 

I even change to Yukata in summer.



Thanks to all customers, it has been 19 years, since Ichiroya started selling kimono and obi on line. I thank you on behalf of everyone at Ichiroya.


We could not accept visitors because we did not have actual store, but we like to show our back stage this time.

I am happy to take you to a little tour of Ichiroya office,  dozo irassyaimase.



Ichiroya has 8 rented rooms of a little 3story building near Tondabayashi stasion in southern Osaka.



This room is for photo-shooting. All things listed on the website had photos taken here in this room. No more items are listed, so the lights are put away. It used to be 8 staff could take photos at a time in this room.




We have some obi from kimonotte to finish up, so this room is now used for that purpose.



The next room is where all kimonotte obi, kimono, and accessories are printed.



Obi are tailored here after printing.




6 rooms were used as stock rooms full of shelves. There are only some shelves along the walls now.






Here is the shelf for shipping equipment.



Last check before shipping.






This is Yoko's computer. She is familier with shipping options all over the world.




This is Ichiro, he says he is doing some thinking...... I wonder what he is thinking about.



 Even though we could not meet all of you in person, still through e-mails, 

we received a lot of encouragement and thoughtful words. They meant a lot 

for everyone here.



We only have 12 days until the office is closed totally but if you have any questions about listed items which remain, we will be happy to answer you.



 Please accept  our sincere thanks.

On behalf of all Ichiroya staff,   YUKI