Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.796



Konnichiwa everyone! Ogenki desuka?  Hope minasan is having a relaxing weekend. :)
Soon in Japan, it will be Tsuyu (rainy season) and Taue (rice planting) time of the year.  I find my neighbors getting ready to draw water into their rice patties.  The funny thing is, as soon as the water is drawn, frogs come back and so as the mosquito.  Then those frogs jump out of the patties, and make their ways to my garden.  Do you think they have the homing instinct?  I am sure these are not the same frogs, but... every year, I find one green amagaeru kun returns to my front gate and sitting at the very top.  My son when he was a little, threw him far back to the patty, yet one somehow managed to return a few days later. ( I swear it is true! ) Another cute amagaeru kun returns to a paper bag which I keep packs of plastic bags outside for gardening, and it surprises me every time I put my hand in it.  Sometimes, at early Spring when the weather is still a bit cold, I accidentally wakes up a Gamagaeru, a huge toad, while gardening.  I am starting to think I am the predator and needing to live quietly on their property?  fufufu My beagle Marin does not seem to mind their company at all as she enjoys chasing frogs, geckos and grasshoppers in summer.  
Here are some items with frog motif which is perfect for Summer! Can you find the frogs?
Oh by the way, the past Sunday was Mother's day in Japan. My two children and I went to an Italian restaurant and we had a really nice time.  I cannot believe my daughter is turning hatachi, 20, next week! and my son is in second year at high school. They have friends and busy with their activities( of course iphones and instragrams), yet they remember to shower me with the wishes every year.  I cannot be a happier mom.  Urshi desu! Some years ago, my daughter made me a small picture book for Mother's day.   I was truly impressed with its quality and care she had put into it.  Here I attach some photos for you to see. If you are curios how the story goes, email me and I can send pictures of rest of the story. hahaha, cute isn't it!





Here are some items with Rose motifs! 
You can wear rose motif all year long!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend everyone! Thank you for always visiting Ichiroya and reading our newsletters.
Also, by the way, I am having a bit of trouble with a particular plant in my garden. It is Houttuynia, we called it Dokudami, and their vitality and production speed is very strong!!   I try plainting some nice flowers, but they are outgrown by Dokudami very quickly, and before I knew it, they contain a good part of my garden!!! Do you have any ideas what to do with it!!!!??? Help!!!