Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.763

Konnichiwa, Ichiroya News Letter readers!
How are you doing?
This time Iori is writing.
The big typhoon has passed Japan on September 4th.
It hit this Kansai area and we had heavy storm here. A strong wind blew off my carport roof and the roof hit my car!! 
Oh my god... I need my car get reparied. 
Also a big earthquake occurred in Hokaido...
I hope the early restoration of the damaged areas...really.
After the typhoon went through, I feel like the autumn has come at last!
It's getting cooler and cooler in the morning and the evening.
I hear the songs of autumn insects when I'm in bed.
It is really comfortable. I like it;)
In autumn, foods are great in Japan. New rice, chesnuts, sweet potatoes, Matsutake mashrooms... I strongly recommned you to come and visit to Japan in Autumn. Not only seeing the red leaves at temples but also having delicious food!
We have an event of 'Jyugoya' in September. We also call it 'Otsukimi'.
'Otsukimi' means “viewing the moon”. It is a seasonal festival to enjoy the moon on the night of August 15th, on the old Chinese calendar.
It will be the 24th night this year. In Japan, people decorate with silver grasses and offer rice dumplings to the moon.  It is said that silver grass can house a Shinto God, and acts as a charm against evil. People offer the rice dumplings in appreciation for the harvest of grains. During this Tsukimi season in Japan, McDonald’s sells “Tsukimi burgers” which have sunny-side up eggs in them.  yummy!
Anyway, do you know it is said that there are rabbits on the moon? This is because the shape of the lunar crater looks like a rabbit pounding rice cake with a mortar and pestle. In Arabia, it is said that there are lions on the moon. What do you see in the moon in your country?
I will make rice balls and see the moon rabbits on the 'Jyugoya' night.


Today, I will introduce kimono and obi for Autumn.
I also recommned these lovely accesorries.

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Thank you for reading!
Please have a nice weekend.