Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.797


Hello, this is Mari writing.
It will be rainy season in Japan soon.
Japanese summer has been getting hotter and more humid 
just like Southeast Asia. In summer, I feel like I'm living 
in Thailand or Vietnam. Actually, I love those countries so much! 
I love their cuisine! I think those spicy dishes taste better when I 
eat them in hot and humid weather with sweat like a waterfall!
As you know, we had 10 days long Golden week in the beginning of 
May. I visited Hanoi, Vietnam to see world heritages such as 
Halong Bay and Chang'an. Both areas are beautiful! The top photo is 
sunset at Halong Bay. I highly recommend you to visit there when you 
have a chance to visit northern Vietnam.
Again, I love Vietnamese food so much! I even make Vietnamese spring roll 
and Pho(rice noodle soup) at home because there is no Vietnamese restaurant in my area. 
So, my another main purpose to visit Vietnam was EATING VIETNAMESE CUISINE!
Me and my husband eat pretty much anything. We love local foods we can taste 
at the markets, on the streets and so on. 



In the morning, we walked down the streets, and ate a bowl of tasty 
pho on the roadside.


In the evening, we ate chicken hot pot, again, on the roadside.



Yummy for our tummy! 
Our kids were a little bit nervous when they saw the feet and heads of chicken.
Believe it or not, they asked another round after they tasted the hot pot!
At the end, we didn't leave a piece of meat on the dish. It was so tasty!
Now, I have to tell you about my husband's true purpose to visit Southeast Asia.
This is it.
He loves to eat developing bird embryo! 
He eats it whenever he finds it. 


Well, he said the one he ate in Hanoi was just a couple of days too young 
for him. He prefer to have already developed beaks, bones and feathers. 
Believe me. I respect any eating habit. I really do! 
However, this egg thing isn't for me. Every time he eats the egg, he offers 
me a spoon full of the part where used to be yolk. That is so nice of him 
because he loves the part. I really appreciate it, but you don't have to do that anymore.
Thanks anyways.
He said that the one he tasted in Ho Chi Minh City was the best one he has 
ever tasted. Here is the picture of it.


You see feathers, right? This is what he is talking about.
I'm not sure if it is appropriate to introduce this item after talking about 
the egg thing though. I just remembered this obi when I was writing about 
the egg.
I also remembered these obi after I saw the sunset of Halong Bay.
These fruits pattern obi remind me tropical fruites I tasted in Vietnum.
Thank you for reading until the end!
See you next time!