Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.789






Dear Ichiroya newsletter readers,
Hello! This is Nagisa writing. How have you been? It's getting warmer and warmer day by day in Osaka. There are 'Mokuren'(magnolia) trees along the street in front of Ichiroya, and white and purple flowers began to bloom. When I see the scenery every year, I feel spring has come!
Last week, I went to 'KANSAI COLLECTION 2019 SPRING & SUMMER' which is one of the largest fashion event in Japan. It's held twice a year at Kyocera Dome Osaka since 2011. Popular fashion icons are dressed in trendy clothes and walk on the runway, music artists liven up the show by their performance, and some companies take part in it to exhibit their own booth with new products and service. We can try them and get some gifts such as face mask, body wash and chocolate for free. The big dome was full of young ladies! It says that the number of the visitors was 44,000! It was my first time to go to such a huge fashion event, and I was surprised that YouTubers were very popular among young people.
Then, I'd like to introduce you to the latest fashion applying Kimono items!
< Pale tone color / Especially, pale orange color >
 < tie-dye / Shibori >
< Scarf style pattern >
< 70s fashion / Showa retro >
Personally speaking, I often see tennis ball, racket or players motif items such as T-shirt, hat or jacket at some clothes sores lately. How about you? I secretly hope that tennis design will come into fashion because we also have tennis design items!
By the way, I once worked at a book store in Osaka city, when I was s collage student. Then I've met Akiko Kikuchi who is my favorite fashion model. She was also chief editor of a fashion magazine. When she visited Osaka for the newly-issued magazine release event held at a clothes store, she kindly visited to our book store and autographed on stock of her magazine. It was the day after my trip to London, and I caught a cold then. However, I went to work admirably, and I can meet her and get her autograph with my own hands! This is my best memory during I worked there.
Thank you for reading till the end. Enjoy Kimono fashion!