Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.795



Dear Ichiroya Newsletter readers, How are you doing? This is Mitsue writing.
A week has passed since we backed from the golden week. During the long holiday, I did various things at home which I usually can't do such as washing winter clothes and blanket, gardening and exchanging the strings of musical instruments. I also went to the Manyo Botanical museum to see full blooming 'Fuji' (wisteria), and art museum to enjoy Vermeer's paintings in Osaka. It was an exciting holiday.
Actually, I traveled to Holland and Belgium before the golden week. It was my first trip to Europe. Is there anybody who is reading this in Holland or Belgium? I enjoyed so much there, and these 2 countries became my favorite places! Everything was so amazing, so I can't choose what to write. The main purpose was enjoying flower parade. I enjoyed festival cars full of lots of flowers such as tulip, hyacinth, narcissus and carnation. To my surprise, I also could enjoy 'Sakura'(cherry blossom) on streets.


The second purpose was enjoying art paintings. There are many famous ones at museums and churches. I wanted to appreciate paintings of such as Gogh, Rembrandt, Rubens and Vermeer. The two paintings at Antwerp Cathedral were the most impressive for me. The "Elevation" and the "Descent of the Cross" were the ones that Nero (a poor boy of 'Dog of Flanders') wanted to see. The story is very famous in Japan, because the animation was broadcasted when I was a child.
Delft, a hometown of Vermeer was also attractive to me. It is a canal town where is known to blue ceramics and old buildings. I could feel how he spent his life painting the people's daily life there. Needless to say, I enjoyed Belgium beer, chocolate and waffles. I would like to visit again and walk slowly around the town.



Today, I would like to introduce some items with tulip design. I hope you enjoy these charming design.
kimonotte factory nagoya obi



(We have more other colors.)
fukuro obi 


nagoya obi
Bride's Furisode