Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.779

Happy New Year, newsletter readers!
This is Azusa writing. I hope you will have a bright and happy year! How was your new year holidays? Did you eat something delicious? I spent my holidays with my family, and my parents said to me the whole time, "Come on, eat eat" during the holidays, so I was always eating various foods like rice crackers, rice cakes, oranges and special New Year's dishes called Osechi-ryori and Ozoni. Have you heard the word "Kami-sama"? It is a word for deity. In Japan, it is believed that there are myriads of deities. They are said to be in everything. They are in mountains, rivers, the sun, forests, and even in toilets! They are enshrined everywhere in Japan. For example in the Ise Jingu in Mie, Amaterasu Oomikami, the deity of the sun is enshrined.  
Many Japanese people visit shrine to pray to deities for good health in the new year. It is called Hatsumode. I also visited a shrine in my neighborhood with my family and made a wish and made a new year's resolution. My new year's resolution is to do a little bit of exercise and get enough sleep! Let me introduce you kimonos and obis with a shrine and temple design!