We are back from Golden Week holiday (Ichiroya)


Mt Fuji and me

Having a nice day? We hope you are genki (fine).


We had Golden Week holiday-from April 27th to May 6th and are happy to come back fully recharged. 

We (Ichiro and Yuka) spent some days at the foot of Mt Fuji. Love enjoyed the long drive by Ichiro's car.

Look, Love is fully refreshed and very genki, she is saying `taking a break is great!'.

We too are really refreshed.

We are so excited, two of our staff are expecting their babies-we will be soon hearing the good news. They will be Reiwa(our new era name) babies!

As you may knokw, the new Emperor, Naruhito has ascended on May 1st.

He is 59 years old(the same age with me), and we were so glad Empress Masako looked better (as you may know she was suffering stress-related disorder for many years). I think everyone is wishing her well, and hoping she will not feel too much stress about her future life. The former Emperor and Empress had strong bond and looked very happy to be together all the time. The Emperor Naruhito told that he would be doing his best for Masako, so we are sure they will be helping each other and making new royal family which is open to everyone. This is the news in Japanese but I hope you enjoy the photos.




We add new arrivals soon, early morning of May 7th (Japan time).

Hope you enjoy browsing our website and new arrivals!


dozo yoi ichinichio, we wish you a wonderful day.


Ichiro and Yuka (and Love)