Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.793

Dear Ichiroya newsletter readers
Hi, how are you doing? This is Azusa writing.
In Japan, it is much warmer and more comfortable. Spring has come!
I visited the Ueno park in Tokyo in the middle of last month. The Ueno park has very beautiful sakura(cherry blossoms).  I couldn't see them in bloom then, but a lot of people are enjoying sakura in full bloom now.
By the way, I went to the Ueno zoo to see pandas. I like pandas because their color is cute. I can't believe there are animals that have such strange colors.
In the Ueno zoo, a baby panda was born in 2017. Her name is Xiang Xiang. People were very exciting at the news in Japan then. 
I could only see her for a minute. There was a very long line to see pandas and the waiting time was 30 minutes though it's been two years since the news of her birth.  Pandas are loved by a lot of people.
The only thing is that she kept still. I tried taking a video, but I found there was no meaning.
I'm glad to see her growing well anyway. I think the pandas know that they are cute and loved even if they do nothing.


The other animals were active and cute. There were beautiful flamingos!


Speaking of flamingos, we make obis with pretty animals such as flamingos, zebras, leopards and penguins.
I hope you enjoy the unique items!
Even it has SOLD mark, obi can be available if you could wait for 1-2 weeks. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing this obi.