Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.769


Dear Newsletter readers,
Hello, this is Mari. 
It is fall in Japan. Cool and tasty season! 
I love to eat! Since I'm from northern Japan where is famous 
for rice, I'm excited to eat newly croped rice so much!
Yum, yum!
In November, we cerebrate "Shichigosan".
Generally speaking, girls at 3 and 7 years old, boys at 5 years old wear 
formal kimono, and go to shrine in their community to pray for 
their healthy grow. 
Girls enjoy wearing kimono and putting make up on them.
I still remember that I felt very special in my bright green kimono which I wore 
when I cerebrated Shichigosan at 7 years old.


In the picture, me and my younger sister are posing like "Maiko" in 
kimono. Girls can do this when they are dressed up.
Boys seem don't like to dress up. When my sons went to a shrine in kimono when they 
were 5 years old, they were not very much excited at the begining. However, after a shiny sword  
was handed to them, they started posing like a samurai! That's so boys!
They enjoyed to be a little samurai so much! 



I love to see those little princess and samurai in kimono in November.
I pray for their healthy grow from the bottom of my heart.
Do you want your kids to wear kimono?
Since kids eat, jump, fall down and cry, it is risky to put silk kimono on them. 
No worry! We carry polyester kids kimono! It is a lot easier to take care of it!
<Girl's kimono>
We make "kimonotte" original girl's kimono!



Even though you don't go to shrine, it is still good to just take pictures of your 
children or grand children in kimono! 
Thank you for reading my newsletter! See you next time!