Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.778


Greeting from Ichiroya 2018
Hello Ichiroya news letter readers!
The last news letter of the year is my turn, Iori is wiriting.
Did you have a wonderful Christmas??
I ate lots of delicious foods and cakes on Christmas day.
And now I am waiting for the delicious New Year's Osechi dishes!
My mother cooks Osechi dishes and Mochi(rice cake) with her sisters every year.
This year,  I am going to help cooking some dishes. I will try!
We need to clean our office and keep things tidy for new year, 2019.
Our office will be closed between 12/28 (Fri.) and 1/6 (Sun.), Japan time,
for the New Year holidays.
During our holidays, no new items will be listed, and we won't be able to reply to any emails or process shipments. 
Thank you so much for your understanding and consideration. 
Thank you for shopping at Ichiroya this year.
We hope you'll enjoy shopping with us next year, too!!
And also please keep your eyes on our working Kimonotte Side Project unique items!
Hope everyone is having grateful time in this holiday season.
Domo arigatogozaimasu! - Thank you very much!
Yoi otoshiwo!! - Happy New Year!!