Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.782



I am back.
Konnichiwa from Osaka! I hope minasan is having a nice weekend. 
This is Yoko writing this weekend's newsletter. Ogenki desuka? 
As you see from the above photo, yep, he is back!
A few days after water was drawn into next door Tanbo (rice field), the Kaeru has returned (literary kaeru(return) in Japanese) to our gate top.  To be honest, after seeing him sitting there for years, it almost makes me happy to see him again, well.... except my daughter. hahaha
Well, July is starting tomorrow, and it will only get hotter next month to August which also means it will be a great season to enjoy Yukata and summer Kimono!!
This year's trend for summer Kimono in Japan is 'modern' and 'sophisticated' and so blue and white colors should become popular. 
Here are some of our recommendations for summer outings based on this year's trend!
What do you think?
Hope you enjoy our selections!
We have more items which are yet listed and hope you find some nice summer items in our new arrivals.
For your information, our new arrivals are added at about 5:45am on weekday mornings, Japan Time.
Good luck to you!!!
itsumo arigato gozaimasu for reading our newsletters and if you have any request or ideas for our newsletters, they are more than welcome!!!



Thank you so much for reading our newsletter.
Have a wonderful weekend!