Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.746




Hello everyone! Ogenki desuka? This is Yoko desu.

The Golden Week is over, and I am already looking forward to my long Obon holiday in August.
Don't get me wrong, I love working at Ichiroya, but we all need something to look forward to in life, right?
So, I have started writing down list of things to do during my Obon holiday. hahaha lol I enjoy doing things like that!!!
The first thing on my list is to take my beagle Marin to a river. Care to come along? :)
I took the above photo of Marin and Renge(Chinese milk vetch) Batake during the Golden Week. Isn't it pretty?

Oh!! I would like to use this opportunity to thank a nice lady who asked Yuka about Marin at the Haura exhibition in NYC!!
Yes, Marin is doing great! We will celebrate her eighth birthday next month.
She has been with us for more than three years now, and we cannot think of a life without her!! Arigato!

Today, I have a rather unique topic! fufufu
Have you heard of Gacha?
Well, Gacha is a toy-vending machine.
It dispenses a plastic eggshell capsule which contains from a kind of miniature toy, smart phone accessory to Manga figure, etc.
Gacha was originated in Japan, and it is also known by Gashapon or Gacha Gacha.
Gacha is an onomatopoeia Japanese word, and it is used for the hand-cranking action. I think the sound translates to 'clank' in English, but I am not sure.

Gashapon - Wikipedia

It has been around... well... since I was a child, so more than forty years now.

Capsules are mostly colored, so you do not know what is inside the shell until you actually open one. Isn't it quite thrilling?!
When I was a child, I grabbed one hundred yen coin as soon as I returned home from school and run to a nearby local store with my older brother to play Gacha. (Natsukashiii)



For a while, the Gacha was mainly for kids, but it is becoming quite popular among adults now.
You place 100 or 200 yen in Gacha machine, and turn this tight knob(this is where it sounds Gacha!) .
A capsule should dispense (drop!) from the machine. You need to catch it fast!, or it will slip by your hands.
My favorite Gacha series now is an Animal Gacha.
It makes me smile big when there is my favorite animal figure inside when I open it.
Gacha machines are located everywhere in Japan, but since they are becoming quite popular among tourists, you can find lines of Gacha at airports and train stations nowadays.
Hope you find your favorite Gacha when you visit Japan next time.



Here are some Kids Yukata with very Natsukashi patterns which reminds me of my childhood!












Heko obi


Have you also seen these cool NY obi and Kimono from Kimonotte?
















Those design are from vintage postcard collection. We already have some orders from customers. We can make summer type haori also with the same design.

Wishing you a happy and fun weekend!!