Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.798

Konnichiwa! How are you doing? This time Iori is writing.
June has started. It is getting humid and we had some rainy days. I hear frogs singing in the rice fields at night. June is the only month that does not have any holidays in Japan. We need to work work work! 
Speaking of work, we have a meeting every morning. These days we speak about "my favorite pattern or design on kimono". A person in charge of the day talks about the pattern and its origin. I like to know colleagues' favorite designs and its origins beacause it is just interesting to hear and my knowledge of kimono becomes wider and deeper.
I like the 'children' design on kimono or obi. Have you ever seen the chubby face children designs on kimono?? They are sooooooo cute and adorable! The two classical designs of children are called 'Karako' and 'Gosho-Ningyo(Gosho-doll)'.
'Karako' is one of the popular children design. It is a motif of Chinese children in Toh era(618-907). They are in Chinese style costume and have unique shaved head leaving small hair on top and both sides of the head. It is called 'Karako-mage'(Karako-hair).This 'Karako' is an old design used from Nara era(8th century) and appears in lots of things such as kimono, obi, earthenwares, books and so on. Surprisingly, this design was made by Japanese. It has a meaning of prosperity of descendants.


'Gosho-Ningyo'(Gosho-doll) is another popular design. This doll was made in Kyoto in middle of Edo period(1603-1867). It is made of wood and painted in white skin. Imperial family or court nobles had sent this dolls to daimyos(feudal lord) in return for presents from them. It became popular generally in the end of Edo period.


Both 'Karako' and 'Gosho-ningyo' are so cute, aren't they?? Many people like children design and usually these items are sold soon in our shop.Some people loves collecting them or using as handicraft materials. Please check this lovely design sometimes. 
and here we also have 'child' motif obi on our Kimonotte side project


We are making the unique and eye-catching obis more and more!
Thank you for reading till the end.
Hope you all have wonderful weekend!