Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.824


Dear newsletter readers, 
Konnichiwa! This time Ayumi is writing:)
The last month in 2019 has begun! The latest news says snowy season is coming near Ichiroya day by day.
This month is called ’Shiwasu’ in Japan, which means everyone is busy and rushed even old generous people. 
This time of year, I'm always wondering what I should send for 'Oseibo' for my relatives, what I have to prepared for 'Osechi' and what I should give my sweet little lady a Christmas present. Haha, so many things to do!!
*Oseibo;In Japan, there is a cultural tradition to give gifts at the end of the year, to your family, friends or people who are important to you.
*Osechi;Japanese traditional New Year’s dish



It is busy though, here is not only busy things in this month. Walk around this cozy town, I sometime happen to find lovely Christmas trees. I took a photo with it. I was in Tsumugi Kimono at that time. This chilly season is the best for Kimono, isn't it?  
We have some charming Obi and Kimono for this seasons! 
How about these for Christmas party?

To celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, my husband and I went out to have a fancy dinner.
We enjoyed barbecue, it was really tasty! We had several other dish too.
The meat was delicious but among the dishes, my best dish in the restaurant was 'Takikomi-gohan'(Japanese seasoned rice with burdock root, shiitake mushrooms, vegetables and so on)!! The rice has lots of seasonal ingredients, and reminds me my mothers home‐made cooking. The familiar taste made me very happy.
Maybe you too have your favorite and familiar dish which makes you happy!
Around this season, we have lots of delicious food from farms and seas. New rices, persimmons, bamboo shoots, oranges, oysters, fishes...so many!
Hmm...now I am hungry X(
Let me share some items with common Japanese vegetables and foods form Ichiroya. You must feel starving! 
I hope you like this newsletter!
Have a nice weekend everyone:)