Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.815


Emran Kassim | Flickr

Hello, Ichiroya newsletter readers!
This is Iori, ogenkidesuka?
It's October and very comfortable season. 
Autumn for harvest.
It is my favorite season we can have many delicious food in Japan.
Kids love fruits such as grapes, pears, figs, chestnuts and sweet potatoes!
I love 'takikomi-gohan', boiled rice seasoned with mixed vegetables, especially with mushrooms and chestnuts.
Now I am planning to go 'budou-gari' (grape picking) in this month.
We can enjoy picking grapes and muscats, and eating them there so kids will like it!
Oh, I am hungry now...


きうこ | Flickr

OK, let me introduce some items with a design of vegetables, fruits, nuts and so on.
I thank for the blessing from nature!
Kimono and Haori


 oh, one more obi we just added:
Have you find any yummy item? I hope this newsletter made you hungry!
Thank you for reading.
Have a wonderful weekend and see you next time!