Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.764



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Dear Newsletter readers.
Hi, this is Azusa writing. How are you?

Autumn has at last arrived here and we have a fine crop of rice in Japan. I like autumn best of all the seasons because it's comfortable and we have a lot of tasty food.

In Osaka, we have autumn festivals for the celebration of a good harvest. There are a lot of festivals in Japan, and the autumn festival is well-known in Osaka. People are marching through the city towing a festival float. They are very enthusiastic, and they even practice singing songs for many weeks for the festival, which is held only once a week.
But in the elementary school I went, the situation was a little different.

It was like the autumn festival was held in my class all year round. A lot of students were singing the festival songs and beating a desk like it is a drum all the time, during the recesses, lunchtime and even in the class hours. The lyrics of the songs are to express gratitude for rices. When they were in the music room, they would play the songs on the piano with an index finger, and sing the songs. The students and teachers love the festival very much, and were thankful to rices, I assume.


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It would be great to visit Japan in autumn! Would you like to eat good rice or see the autumn festivals in kimono?