Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.762

Dear Newsletter readers,


Hello, this is Mari. 
Kids went back to school! YES! 
Generally speaking, Summer kimono and Yukata season is over. 
However, I don't feel like wearing hitoe kimono yet, because IT IS HOT!
I hope it will cool down soon.
Have you heard about "Team Lab"?
They are a creative team which provides digital contents such as 
WEB site, smart phone apps, interior design, architecture, TVCM, 
stage performance and so on. I have heard about them and their 
interesting art exhibitions for years. Finally, I had a chance to 
experience it in Osaka.
I went there with my family as the last event of our kids' summer break.
The exhibition was GREAT! We had so much fun!
For us, the highlight of the exhibition was "Graffiti Nature". Our sons 
drew and colored animals, and scaned them. 5 seconds later, the bird and 
alligator which they draw were flying on the wall and crawling 
on the floor! It was amazing! Kids were so excited and chasing them around.
The top image is the bird which our second son colored. 
The room was too dark to take pictures. So, I couldn't take a picture of 
their animals on the wall. Please take a look at the movie below. 
You will get the idea what is "Graffiti Nature". It's really amazing!

Their exhibitions are available all over the world.
There may be one in your town! Check it out!

We have colorful, impressive and gorgeous stage costumes which 
are very creative like the exhibition!