Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.811


furisode obi coordination
Hello, Ichiroya newsletter readers! How are you doing? This time Iori is writing.
It's September! It looks summer has gone just to see the word 'SEPTEMBER'. No, not yet, it is still hot here in Japan. Though it is hot in daytime, it is getting cooler in the morning and night time. I hear the bell of crickets instead of the cicadas. Feel much cooler with gentle breeze at night.
This time I would like to introduce an article from our Japanese blog site. This is written by Miyuki, who is a great Kimono stylist at Ichiroya. She really loves kimono, of course wears kimono regularly, and has introduced lots of wonderful kimono coordination in her articles. So I would love to show you some of them.
This time Miyuki introduced kimono coordination for Autumn, Furisode kimono at Seijin-shiki(Coming of Age Day ceremony), and her favorite items from Kimonotte side project. I hope you'll see your favorite one from her recommendation.
Autumn Outing in Hitoe(not lined) Kimono
Autumn for Art, Autumn for Food, Autumn for Outing!
It's time to go out in cool hitoe(not lined) Kimono!
*Houmongi Kimono at formal occasions or parties.
 Houmongi Kimono with seasonal flowers on 'tanzaku'(strip of paper) pattern 


 <UNWORN> Casual Tsume Tsuzure Nagoya Obi with flower and bird design



*Smooth and comfortable Omeshi Kimono for theater-going 
 Hon-Shiozawa Omeshi Kimono with thin stripes 
 Casual Tsumugi Nagoya Obi with pair birds on matsukawa-hishi pattern 




*Lunch with friends in Tsumugi Kimono
 Tsumugi Kimono with lovely owl pattern 
 Casual Nagoya Obi with Sakiori-style colorful stripes  
It's a little bit early but January is the month we have Seijin-shiki(Coming of Age Day ceremony) in Japan. Furisode kimono is the beginning of her Kimono life. I believe many Japanese girls who turned to 20 wear this Furisode Kimono for the first time in their life to participate Seijin-shiki.  It always reminds her of the excited moment. It must be a wonderful memory! 
Here she introduces some wonderful Furisode coordinations.
*Refined Furisode Style
 Furisode Kimono with flowers, stream and 'oshidori'(mandurin duck) 
 Fukuro obi with 'sakura'(cherry blossom) design 
*Chic Black Furisode Style
 Furisode Kimono with stylish classical pattern 
 Fukuro Obi with gorgeous peacock design
Autumn with Kimonotte Side Project Items
*Love original style! Enjoy wearing kimono with your favorite design!
 Kimonotte obi with stained glass design  
 Yellow gradation summer ro obiage  
 Han-eri(added collar) with checkerboard pattern 
 Meisen Kimono with polka-dot pattern  
We offer colorful & unique items of Kimonotte side project. Put 'kimonotte' in the keyword bar. It is just fun to look around those eye-catching items!
*Even it has SOLD mark, it can be available if you could wait for 1-2 weeks.  Contact us if you are interested in purchasing. Please feel free to ask any questions, we will be happy to e-mail you back.(info@ichiroya.com)
How do you like them? I hope you enjoyed her article. Thank you for reading till the end. Please have a wonderful weekend!