Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.784


#820088 We have made this obi from the design of vintage summer kimono.

Obi #820088 Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya


#820099 This is the same design obi in another color. So elegant!

Obi #820099 Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya


Konnichiwa, Ichiroya news letter readers.
How are you doing?
This time Iori is writing.
Last weekend, we heard the good news.
"Mozu-Furuichi Kofungun", the ancient tumulus structures were designated for Cultural World Heritage Site in 2019.
This is the first cultural world heritage for Osaka, and Furuichi is the next city of Tondabayashi, in which Ichiroya is.
*What is Mozu-Furuichi kofungun?-


Osaka prefectural government started considering the ways to show visitors this world heritage.
There is a plan to look it on a balloon from the sky! It must be cool!!
I wish many people around the world visit our neighbourhood and enjoy sightseeing!
Changing the subject, did you know that the cool and kawaii coordination of kimono outfit are coming up almost every day at our Ichiroya
We show the attractive vintage items and kimono coordination, and also items from our kimonotte sideproject mainly.
Most of Kimonotte items are reprinted of patterns from vintage kimono or obi. Cute and colorful obiage(sash), han-eri(added collar) and obi surely go well with vintage or modern kimono outfits! It is just fun to look at them. Of course I check it out everyday!
I would like to introduce attractive summer coordination from Instagram.
Chic summer kimono with stream, and beautiful 'hagi'(Japanese bush clover) and 'ayame' (sweet flag) pattern.


Elegant summer kimono with morning glory pattern.


Charming summer kimono with 'hagi'(Japanese bush clover) and 'Kagome' (woven bamboo)  pattern.


Yukata with shibori(tie-dye) pattern with cute cat obi from kimonotte.


Look at this adorable cat satring something...
This obi is from Kimonotte sideproject. 
Yukata with modern rose design and colorful obi from kimonotte.


This is a new trend obi tieing in Japan now!
It is very easy way to tie, actually no need to tie, just roll up and fasten with obijime(cord) .
Its cool, isn't it?? You can even use any belt you have. Actually, the above belt is not obijime, it was sold as a regular belt, it works really nice!
This colorful rabbit obi is also from Kimonotte! https://www.ichiroya.com/item/list2/820036/
Though some of the items on the pictures were sold already, but we still have many cool ones!
I also introduce vintage summer kimono and colorful eye-catching Yukata kimono.
Vintage Summer Kimono
 Refreshing Yukata Kimono
Most of vintage kimonos are short in length so they are small for some of you maybe.
However, I think you can enjoy them to slip on such as Haori.
Summer kimonos are comfortable with its smooth and light touch.
Besides, vintage kimonos are colorful and have dynamic patterns, which are very eye-catching.

Please visit our Instagram sometime and enjoy the world of attractive vintage kimono!!
Thank you for reading till the end.
Please have a wonderful weekend!