Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.833


Konnichiwa everyone! Ogenki desuka? 
This is Yoko from Ichiroya.  
Our Winter in Osaka this year has been rather warm which is quite unusual. 
We have at least a day or two days of snow in Winter, but this year we have not had any snow.
It is a little sad to me as I enjoy watching snow falls on trees in my garden.  It is a very beautiful sight.
But, I think my beagle Marin does not mind it at all because she dislikes the cold weather! 
She is a beagle!! She should be running around in the snow?! Not my beagle.... :(


Spring maybe not too far away, it maybe just around the corner!? already?
So! in my newsletter, I would like to recommend a perfect Kimono to wear in Spring!! yay yay!
In a Japanese Kimono magazine, I read that 'Iromuji Kimono is Kakkoii 'cool'!
Iromuji Kimono can be very useful in various Kimono scenes and events as it does not have any patterns which makes it so much fun to choose Obi! 
Also choosing accessories, such as Obiage, Obijime and Obidome, to go with Iromuji is so much fun!!
You can 'show' your STYLE here!   
In Spring of Japan,  we find many people wearing Iromuji at a graduation and entrance ceremonies.
Here are some of Iromuji we would like to show you!
If you are looking for a finest Iromuji Kimono, why not own Iromuji by Itchiku Kubota?!


#368844 The finest iromuji bay Icchiku Kubota
(Iromuji with fine woven pattern is also considered as Iromuji.  Please check woven details of these Kimono! What do you see?)
If you put a Kamon(family crest) on Iromuji, you can wear not only as a formal Kimono to wear to Ochakai, celebratory event, 
or wedding, but also suitable to wear to a nice dinner with friends or to attend a theatrical play.  How convenient! 
More colors are available, so please check our Iromuji category to find your favorite color!

Have you seen our Kimonotte original cashmere Kimono shawls? It would also look fantastic over Iromuji!!
For prices in USD, please email us. 
We will give you a price without sales Tax based on the day's currency rate. 
arigato gozaimasu for your time!
Thank you so much for always reading our newsletter!
Wishing you a happy weekend Minasan!