Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.629

Akemashite Omedeto gozaimasu. A Happy New Year from Japan.

We hope you had a nice start of this new year, the year of monkey.

As we wrote in our last newsletter, (

Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.628 - ICHIROYAのブログ )

one of the famous singer in Japan (Shiho) appeared in the NHK annual music program called `Kohaku utagassen' wearing a dress using the crane design from vintage kimono from Ichiroya. We waited the opening and tried to look her costume with our eyes wide open! (Me o sarano yoni- in Japanese we express as if our eyes were like dishes- it means eyes wide open).


She appeared but with her long hair and the movement, it was really hard but we surely found cranes in her dress! She has a great voice and there are a lot of fans of her- we hope people can notice the charms of vintage patterns through her stage costumes.



On Gantan-the new year's day, our family got together and went to a shrine in our neighborhood. It was rather warm day and there were a lot of people, praying for the peaceful year. We took a photo in front of a big Ema (Ema is a wish board, a small piece of wood panel to offer in shrines). You can see monkeys, the eto of ths year on the board. From the left, Shoko (our older daughter), Mugi (our younger daughter), Ichino (our granddaughter) and the husbands, Norihiro and Masanori. Girls are trying to imitate monkeys. The little one is Takumi, Shoko and Masanori's son. Norihiro is holding Takumi,  instead of his real father. Norihiro and Mugi are expecting their baby in June, and Norihiro wanted to `practice' how to hold a baby! Their baby will be about the same age next Janurary, so he could really feel how it will be like in near future! Masanori was doing `show off', how to use the Ergobaby!

Fathers who are actively involved in child-raising are called IKUMEN in Japan and seems like many young fathers are IKUMEN. (Of course fathers should involve in child-raising but older generations tend to feel it is mothers' job). We see many fathers using those hug strings these days. It is nice to see those sight:-)


We will be adding new arrivals this year too from this Monday. We hope you enjoy browsing our website!


We hope you enjoy the virtual kimono museum too!



We wish you a peaceful new year!