Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.637



Tama, a station master of Kishi station in Wakayama prefecture. The photo is from wiki:



Tama is probably the most common name for cat, in Japan. The circle name tag says, `Station Master Tama'. She was appointed to a Station Master from Wakayama Electric Railway. You may not believe but Tama saved this local line which was almost abolished(please see the above wiki about the life of this unique cat- Tama achieved a tremendous performance at this local town. She greeted people at the tikcet gate -- the place became so famous and many tourists came to see this  unique station master (even the tourists from abroad visited to take photos of her!) She has been promoted by her great achievement - her last position was `Senior Vice President'!

Well, she was really an exception but the number of cat lovers are increasing recently.

You can easily find neko (cat) design goods in Japan, and if you are a enthusiastic cat lover, you can visit Neko(cat) cafe!

Here is the article about Neko cafe. There are more than 100 neko cafe in Japan. I think they are mostly in big cities though.  At neko cafe, you can touch and hold cats and feel at ease.... I have never been there but neko cafe are quite popular now.




We can see thousands of cat motif goods in town and online. You can find almost anything with cat design in Japan!

Here are cat motif kimono we have at Ichiroya. We sold many charming cat motif items already-some unique items from past are listed at Kimono Archive too. Other people are listing too. Please try - you can enter the keyword `cat' and choose the language at the top on the right side.



Here are some kimono and obi with cat motif, they are available at our website:







We are sure there will be more cat motif items from now on too! We hope you enjoy checking adorable cat motif kimono.