Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.837


Zicarlo van Aalderen | Flickr

Konnichiwa, Ichiroya news letter readers!
How are you doing?
I hope everyone is having wonderful weekend.
This time Iori is writing.
It is getting warmer these days.
The other day, the flower forecast for 'sakura'(cherry blossom) is announced.
Since 'sakura' appears in many Japanese old books, pictures and of course in kimono design, Japanese love 'sakura'(cherry blossom) so much!
Everyone is waiting for 'sakura'(cherry blossom) is blooming in this season!
Those pastel pink flowers make us feel happy, cheerful and peaceful.
Some people give this name 'Sakura' to baby girls with the prayers.
As you may know, 'sakura'(cherry blossom) is seen all over Japan.
It starts to bloom from the warm area, Okinawa and Kyushu district, and slowly up to Tohoku and Hokkaido area.
Here in Osaka, the flower forecast says it starts to bloom on the 20th March and will be full bloomed on the 28th this year.
Since the weather has been getting warm for the past few years, 'sakura'(cherry blossom) also starts to bloom earlier and earlier.
My son will have the entrance ceremony on the 6th April, so I hope the blooming goes on till then!
(here is my past newsletter ---about my children's Shichi-Go-San festival last year. The boy wearing the kimono with dragon and a hakama, is my son who is going to enter elementary school)

Maybe we need to go taking pictures of him and full bloomed 'sakura'(cherry blossom) by then.
Today, I will introduce some items with 'sakura'(cherry blossom) motif.
Japanese also like to go seeing 'sakura'(cherry blossom), gathering and having a party under the 'sakura'(cherry blossom) trees.
We call it 'Hanami'.
We also have some items with the 'Hanami' in old times.
You can seen how much Japanese love 'Sakura' from old times.
Hope everyone will be able to make a good start this year! 
Thank you for reading!
See you in next time.
Domo arigatogozaimasu!