Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.836


Konnichiwa, Ichiroya news letter readers!
This is Ayumi writing this week.
How is your weekend? Hope you are having nice one!
March has begun! 
The sun is getting shiny and warmer around Ichiroya.
In this season, I consider when to put my daughter's 'Ohinasama'(Kimono dolls of the Girl's festival on 3/3) away.
Surprisingly, we have an old proverb; it is said that the daughter's marriage is delayed if you leave the dolls for a long time after the Girl's festival day.
It is quite a hard work for me because the dolls are so many and I have to take care of them carefully.
Hmm....I will ask my husband to do it on this weekend!
My husband works as an engineer. He sometimes helps my housework.
Some of you may think Japanese men are workaholic.
It is true!
Honestly, he has time to meet our daughter only weekends even though we live together, because he usually leaves our house at AM6:30 and returns around PM10:00.
He sometimes goes to work on his holiday for the night shift task in middle of the week even he works all the weekdays!


However, due to the recent situation, his lifestyle has changed a little from the end of February.
His company asked him to try home teleworking on every Wednesday and stagger office hours later everyday, because he always takes a quite crowded train for one and half hour on his way to work.
The beginning, He was at a loss as to what to do his morning time at home, but later, he started to do housework such as cooking and making  'Bento'(packed lunch like above photo) for family and plays Lego blocks with our active daughter.


After finishing his teleworking last Wednesday, he  took the little lady for a walk to see our neighbor's charming cats and dogs.
On the way home, they brought some dandelions, horsetails and veronica persicas back. She showed them to me so happily. 
Spring is here!
I really hope he finishes the workaholic life and continues this life style as long as he can!
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Thank you for reading until end. See you next time!