Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.814


shibainu | Flickr

Dear newsletter readers, 
Hello, this is Mari writing this week.
It is getting cooler and cooler in Japan. It will be the best season to wear kimono, 
Not too hot, not too cold. Thinking about kimono coordinate is one of my favorite things to do. We will introduce kimono coordination like the last newsletter again in near future! We hope you enjoy our suggestion.
As you may know, Rugby World Cup 2019 is in session in Japan.
I have been watching games with great interest. This is once a life time event!
We are hosting Rugby World Cup, right?
We can watch the best rugby players play everyday. To be honest with you, rugby is not that popular in Japan. Baseball and soccer are a lot more popular. However, Osaka is a place where rugby is popular. Small kids play Tag rugby at elementary schools. Many Junior high and high schools have rugby club which is rare in Japan. Hosting rugby world cup must be precious experience for them, and encourage them to practice harder.
All blacks' Haka made us excited of course!
Ireland vs Scotland game made me stop doing anything else but watching TV. Now, I'm a rugby fan!



Japan is in Pool A which is the same pool as Ireland and Scotland. 
We are still hoping to win rest of games, and advance to the final league. 
Autumn is a season for sports! We have sports theme items!
They are unique and fashionable!