Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.812




Flower & Genjiko

Dear ICHIROYA News Letter readers,

Hi! How are you doing? Mitsue is writing this time. It’s getting cooler and cooler these days, but autumn is too short. So I’d like to enjoy this comfortable season as much as I can. What are you going to do in comfortable season?

One of my favorite outgoing is visiting museums. Vintage Juban(undergarment) is exhibited at a small historical museum of Yao city, Osaka where I live. I visited there and attended a lecture about pattern of Juban. It was fun as well as our staff meeting which we have every morning. Yes, we usually study about Kimono changing the themes every each month, so let me share you some what I learned.

The word  ‘Juban’ is from Arabic ‘jubbah’, and the sound is from Portuguese. Originally Juban had no sleeves and the length was short, but it has changed with the times. The original ones are called Han-juban. They are hardly left, because underwear is consumables, you know. So ICHIROYA also has just a few ones, but we have many other vintage Juban with attractive pattern.

People enjoy hidden fashion from old times, and particularly put importance at a glimpse. So they enjoyed their favorite pattern with Juban in secret or make wishes for their family with it.

For example, women enjoyed glamorous, charming and graceful patterns such as flower, butterfly and 'genjiko' (ancient Japanese incense) .


The ones such as royal cart, treasure, nobles and castle is their longing for wealth, and scroll, book and musical instrument pattern is for educated.






Auspicious patterns such as 'Shou-chiku-bai'( pine tree, bamboo and Ume blossom), crane, 'Kikko' (tortoise shell) and 'Shippou-tsunagi' (interlocking circles) are symbols of health and wealth of the family.


'Asanoha'(hemp leaf) is growing up quickly and straightly, so the pattern is often used for baby’s and child’s one. Needless to say, toy and animal pattern such as doll, wooden horse and ball are often used.



For men, we can find historical pattern such as battle, Olympic and baseball for the lining which reminds of atmosphere of that time.  



We can enjoy layered wearing with similar color or opposite one, combination of their own favorite. The way of enjoying Kimono fashion is unlimited. How about finding your favorite pattern and your special way of wearing Kimono at ICHIROYA?

Followings are the items which have those patterns I introduced today.

Woman's Juban
Genjiko & Flower pattern
Butterfly pattern
Goshoguruma pattern
Heian Noble pattern
Crane pattern
Cage pattern


Boy's Juban
Men's Juban
Battle pattern
Baseball pattern