Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.809

Konnichiwa everyone! Ogenki desuka?
This is Yoko from Ichiroya.  
The above photo was taken from my kitchen window last week. 
Beautiful green rice stalks were making soothing sound against gentle morning breeze.
Can you hear the breeze through the photo?  I hope you can.
*Also, the very top photo is sahved ice, `Kakigori', everyone's favorite thing for summer.
Our office was closed last week for the Obon, so it was my intention to write about my fun activities I enjoyed during the holiday in this newsletter, but... since it was extremely hot for most of the week, I hesitate to say,,,, I stayed home for the most part.... and did not do much...

However I did do Ohaka mairi to my ancestor's grave with my parents, but only for a short while... as I was afraid my parents could get a heat stroke!
I also went to a nearby mall with my daughter and had a Matcha white chocolate flavor shaved ice!! which was so good and cooled me down right away!!
We have many staff here at Ichiroya, and there are several departments within our company.
We have departments , such as Kimonotte printing, digitizing, photographing, shipping, writing descriptions, etc.
One of our staff here in our Kimonotte department had a baby girl in May and she is on a maternity leave.  
We would like to share some charming photos of her daughter, Nonoka - chan, when they took her for the Miyamairi . Miyamairi is the first visit to shrine and it is just like `Christening'.
Yoshimi came to show her baby, Nonoka-chan in our office and everyone wanted to hold her! She came to our staff party too, so we all feel like Nonoka-chan is like our family.
Yoshimi and her husband said it is ok to share the photos.







In the top photo, Nonoka-chan is covered by Miyamairi kimono from Ichiroya.
Miyamairi kimono is not really `worn' but used by covering the baby.
We have many Miiyamairi kimono at Ichiroya:
Here are some vintage ones too:
My beagle Marin enjoyed being in air conditioned room with me and enjoyed my company, so that was a good thing!!
Have a wonderful weekend!
itsumo arigato gozaimasu for reading our newsletters!