Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.756


Hi, Ichiroya newsletter readers! How are you?
This is Azusa writing.

High summer is here in Japan! I opened the window and let the fresh air in this morning, when I heard a buzz of a cicada, and the buzz made me feel hot.

There are bamboo shades called 'Sudare' hanging outside my windows. A bamboo shade is a blind made of thin strips of bamboo, which can keep out the intense sunlight while allowing nice and cool breezes through them. Besides, it can stop insects coming in the window. It's very comfortable in the climate of high temperature and high humidity, and I like the cool breezes in the summer.

In summer, there are a lot of summer festivals in Japan. Especially in Tondabayashi city in Osaka, a large fireworks festival is held. Over 20,000 fireworks launched in this fireworks festival. It can be seen from my house, so I would go outside and watch it in blue Yukata with an asagao(morning glory) design, holding a round shape fan called 'Uchiwa' in my hand.


loftwork | Flickr

Yukata is a summer kimono which is single-layered. It is an airy kimono, and worn in summer festivals, or after taking a shower. So most of Yukata are made of airy cotton. Yukata can prevent the direct sunlight while it is breathable like bamboo shades! Some summer kimonos are made of Asa. Asa is a general term for linen, ramie and hemp. Asa feels crisp and cool, so it is very nice to wear in the high temperature. I remember cool air blowing through the wide sleeves of Yukata and coolness of a Japanese sandals while I was watching the fireworks.

These are airy and comfortable Yukata!