Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.703


Hello everyone! Ogenki desuka?  Yoko desu.
Rice patties near my house have beautiful green rice stalks growing and they make beautiful sound when the wind blows.
Despite the loud frogs' chorus and attack by the mosquitoes, I must say I enjoy the view and sound of the rice patties outside of my kitchen window and in front of my house.
We get visit by the frogs at night, and my beagle Marin enjoys their company, but I am not sure if frogs enjoy being chased by Marin ........ hahaha
Yes, I am writing this week's newsletter....  Well, to be honest, I am running out of ideas on topics to write.
I get nervous and anxious when my turn comes closer... I tell you why...
You know, I live a pretty simple life..., there is not much to tell or share....
I do not have any interesting hobbies as most staff do here at Ichiroya...
For example, Junko who sits on my right is excellent at sewing.
She makes her daughter's dresses and made a parasol from a Yukata, not to mention a matching summer bag from a little remnant of it. Sugoi!

Junko stuff

Ikumi who sits on my far right plays trombone and is in an orchestra! Who could imagine that! from her calm and quiet character!



Junko and Ikumi plus shacho
Mari who sits on my right is a superb cook!! She is very health-conscious, in a good way, and she knows a lot about how to maintain a good health.
I have never seen her eating junk food for lunch. She always brings her good looking Obento box filled with greens and beans.
 (yes, my lunch sometimes comes from Seven Eleven around the corner...)
This is Mari's today's lunch.  She always bring more than she can eat... don't worry!! she has 3:30pm break to finish!!



Most of you know Yuka, my boss,  she sits behind me and ohhh she is almighty!!!
She is an amazing mom of two beautiful daughters and a grandma!!(does not even look like a grandma!!) of three lovely grandchildren.
She also knows a lot about Kimono and oh! above all, she can put up with Ichiro's high demands!! hahahaha


Jin(Yuka's grandson) had his 1st birthday today.
We have MORE staff here with unique and interesting backgrounds which I might share in my next newsletter. :)
Well, I may not impress you, but I sure am being impressed by people surround me though. HA!
Oh! by the way, have I ever mentioned that we are taking a hip hop dance lesson from KENYA sensei on every Thursday after work? 
Ichiro graciously provides this weekly lesson to keep us in good shape!
You know, maybe in my next newsletter, I maybe able to tell you that 'dancing' is something I can be proud of!! maybe!!! LOL


Customers in Hawaii!!, Obon season has started and many of you are ordering Yukata! Itsumo arigato gozaimasu! We are so grateful!
I also realize that Obon dance or Obon Matsuri is being held in many countries this year.
So! why not treat yourself a new Yukata look this summer?
I know Shibori Yukata are rather expensive, but its quality and work of craftsmanship is something you can treasure for years.





Also as you may know already, we have items from Kimonottte


(our another website of semi-order of reprint items) at Ichiroya.

 Here are the items which are available:


Please feel free to ask any questions about Kimonotte items.



Arigato gozaimasu for reading my newsletter.
Wishing you a happy and fun summer!