Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.666


Dear Ichiroya Newsletter readers,

Hi! This is Nagisa from Ichiroya. I was also named after my birth month. I was born in midsummer. So, I was named "Nagisa" which means an ocean or beach in Japanese. To tell the truth, I don't like summer very much. However, summer has gone and Football season has come! I like winter the best of all seasons, because Football season reaches its climax. Oh well, unfortunately American Football is a minor sport in Japan. (even through it is a lot of fun!) Two or three times a week, I wake up at 5 a.m. to watch the games before I go to work. Sleepiness never bothered me anyway!

By the way, I have an older brother and he also loves winter and winter sports especially snowboarding. During the winter, he moves to snowy region in Japan. Nagano, Fukushima, and now he is in Hokkaido. He lives and works there since last year. Have you ever heard of Hokkaido? Hokkaido is located in the northernmost in Japan, so you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and some other winter sports there with good snows. Not only winter, the other seasons are also nice. Mother Nature still remains there, so you can see a magnificent view wherever you are. Untouched nature of Shiretoko, lavender field of Furano, unkai (a sea of clouds) of Tomamu, blue pond of Biei, and there are some more spots I want you to visit! I asked my brother to send photos which shows great nature of Hokkaido for this newsletter. He certainly sent some photos to me, but he is also in these almost photos. Though I didn't mean to introduce my brother to you, apparently he wanted to say hello to the world. Sorry but my charming brother blending in with beautiful scenery of the top photo.

I'll show you one more photo instead.


Here it is. I took the photo last Monday at Umami park in Nara. (located next to Osaka) There are various autumn flowers such as cosmos, dahlia, salvia, and so on. As you know, autumn flowers or grasses design is used for lots of Kimono and Obi. Some are here.

[ Obi ]
1) Phoenix & Autumn Flowers Pattern Fukuro Obi
2) Autumn Flowers on Cloud Pattern Fukuro Obi
3) Silhouette of Lush Autumn Hill Pattern Fukuro Obi

[ Kimono ]
4) Autumn Flowers in Mist Design Houmongi Kimono
5) Vibrant Autumn Grasses Pattern Komon Kimono
6) Butterfly & Autumn Flowers Pattern Vintage Kimono

Umami park is a large park with lots of nature. So I sent a couple of photos which I took there to my brother while he is saying 'I'm in Hokkaido!' However the lie came out soon. He says that there is no one else in short sleeve T-shirt. In Hokkaido, winter has already come! Please take care of yourself in preparation for coming season. See you next time!