Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No591


 It is getting harder to find rare and really interesting kimono or obi recently.

Especially, it seems rare items not from dealers or collectors are becoming hard to see.

It has been approx 100 ears since Taisho period and people might have got rid of old kimono because of alternation of generations or moving by now. Also the market price of vintage and antique items can be seen a sort of `stability' and people might not be so enthusiastic to be interested in what they have in their storehouse.

In this situation, I think the kimono like this piece is quite valuable.

The kimono is from one old house from Kobe, and I won the best one among the kimono from this house. 

The deep puple background with mist, there are butterflies in different size, flying showing the fascinating beauty. The details are also wonderful. It is truly a breathtaking piece.







 The kimono from this particular house had many kimono  with butterfly motif, so we could know the owner's love for this motif.

We know butterfly is extremely popular motif not only for kimono. In Japan, we can see butterfly motif used for many kamon, family crest also. Taira Klan who has been abolished by Minamoto Klan had crest with butterfly. Shogun Nubunaga had butterfly motif crest. The image of fragility and its beauty was loved by many samurai. You may know Japanese designer Hanei Mori who used butterfly motif in her design a lot.




 This kimono has been sold but this too is the good example of delightful butterfly motif:


 Here are two gorgeous obi from Taisho period (the obi are on sale)








 We hope you enjoy looking at these kimono and obi.

 It might be interesting to collect particular motif items such as butterfly.