Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.822



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Konnichiwa everyone!  Ogenki desuka? 
This is Yoko from Ichiroya.  
I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.
Everyone! if you are shopping for Christmas, we strongly recommend EMS shipping method instead of SAL.
SAL can take more than one month for delivery, especially during a busy mailing season.  
We also offer shipping method by DHL!   DHL is very reliable and can deliver pretty much anywhere usually much faster than EMS.
Please feel free to let us know if you prefer DHL.
November is ending, and it will be December soon, last month of 2019!
I can't believe it!  To me, it feels like this year was only started a few months ago....sigh...
Kaki (persimmons) on my tree are almost gone, unlike last year, we had a very good harvest of Kaki this year.
I have shared some on top of the tree with birds and fallen ones on the ground with Marin. hahaha
My beagle Marin LOVES persimmons, see the photo?  
As soon as she hears the thud, (sound of Kaki hitting the ground) she runs to it.  Funny girl!



Now that it is actually cold, dressing in Kimono can finally become very fun and comfortable.
In winter, why not enjoy a Kimono or Obi with 'Tsubaki'(Camellia) motif which can give a very elegant impression.
Leaves of Tsubaki remain green all year, so it is considered as one of the auspicious and sacred trees in Japan.
I hope you can include Tsubaki motif in your Kimono outfit this winter!!!

With a nice chic color Kimono of shibori(tie-dye).
The Obi goes well with both Kimono.

To a wedding or formal party, a very nice coordinate with Tsuzure Obi.

We would be happy to assist you if you have any questions on what to wear this winter!!
Arigato gozaimasu for reading our weekly newsletter!