Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.653


Dear Ichiroya newsletter readers,

Hello, this is Yumi here. As Mei chan mentioned before, I’m new to this job.
As you know, we have ten thousand of items such as Kimonos, Obis, fabrics, accessories and so on at Ichiroya, and especially, various kinds of brilliant Kimonos and Obis have been fascinating me a lot every day. I just even feel like I would love to stare at them and touch them without doing anything actually. (I’m sure you also understand what I mean once you access Ichiroya website!! ) It is Obis that I love the most in particular. I don’t see them only as Obi to tie for Kimono fashion, but also as materials to make something original . They are thick enough to create something new and I see them quite practically as well. On top of that, they have elaborated designs and embroideries to dazzle my eyes. 
Characteristics of each Obi drive my feeling towards making something, and then I tend to start imagining what I can do with them!! Bag, tapestry, table runner, place mat, mirror cover, TV cover, cushion cover … spring to my mind all the time. For the reason, I have become like my mother. She has been a Kimono dressmaking person for more than 40 years and she also remakes skirts, shirts, dresses and home interior goods from Kimono . I want to show one of them, which is a dress from Furisode Kimono she made for me for my wedding. 
(Sorry, I am too shy to show my face, please see my dress:-)


Originally, it was a just tacked Furisode Kimono fabric(you may know those fabrics which are sold as `KARINUI' at Ichiroya) which was temporarily tacked (stitched) to check the total patterns of Furisode. At first, my mother untacked it all and set a design of dress which is a Western-styled dress that looks very like Kimono. This dress has detachable long Furisode sleeves with buttons and you can also enjoy hanging them on your arms as a shawl according to the circumstances.


Furthermore, you can put on this Furisode style dress without Obi !! There should be no anxiety about how to tie Obi by yourself and you could be released from the tightness you get by tieing Obi around your waist.


Well, I just wanted you to please try various kinds of dress included Kimono !!
Now it’s your time to take an action !  
These are some of tacked Furisode Kimonos (actually they are sold as Karinui in Fabric category) we carry at Ichiroya.

  http://www.ichiroya.com/item/list2/335870/ (sorry, this one has just been sold)
We have more karinui and you can find them in Fabric section of category search function.

Why don’t you pick up a piece and create something special only for you ?