Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.805

Dear Newsletter readers
Hi, how are you doing? This is Azusa writing.
Do you like music? 
I recently started learning to play the piano. Actually, I learned how to play the piano about 20 years ago, but gave up and didn't play  since then because it was difficult. I have always wanted
to try again. Besides, I heard that it helps to prevent dementia!
Speaking of music, I also like traditional Japanese instruments. They were also
depicted beautifully in kimonos.
Have you heard of Gagaku? It is the court music of Japan from the Heian period (794- 1185). It is composed of percussion, wind and stringed instruments.
Let me introduce some instruments of them.
It's a 13-stringed Japanese harp. The strings are plucked with nail-shaped pickes, so it has rather clear tones. I learned playing it when I was a collage student, and liked the sound very much.
"Biwa" is a four-stringed Japanese lute. It was used to tell narratives. I like it's lovely design. There are ancient Biwa of various beautiful designs gathered in Shosoin Treasure House in Todaiji teample. I recommend seeing them when you come to Nara!
Tsuzumi is a Japanese hand drum. It has loud and pleasant tones. It is often depicted colorfully in kimonos because it is regarded as auspicious motif.