Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.688


Hello Mina-san!
This is Yoko writing this week's Newsletter. Ogenki desuka?
The top photo was taken at a narrow path when I take Marin for a walk. Do you see the beautiful 'Ume' (plum blossom)?
Hope you are seeing some signs of Spring in your country too!

Today, I would like to write a little bit about our national flower, 'Sakura'(cherry blossom).
Sakura first starts blooming in Okinawa and make its way up Honshu(main island) to northern part of Japan.
Sakura in our area starts blooming in late March or early April, and when we see Sakura beautifully blooming, we then know that true Spring (Haru) is here.

As many of you may know, pretty much everything starts in April in Japan.
School year ends in March and starts in April and even jobs, they have entrance ceremonies in April.
So, Sakura has been symbolizing farewells and new starts among us for generations.
That is one of the reasons why Sakura has deeper meanings to us as it reminds us of bitter and sweet memories. (tear)

There will be Sakura events held everywhere next month on. Ohanami, Sakura viewing, is so much fun!
We put a large blanket underneath a blooming Sakura, and we enjoy snacks and drinks as Sakura petals fall.
The Sakura trees near my house will be illuminated by lanterns soon. (below is a photo from last year)



The three most famous Sakura sights in Japan are Takatoujyoushi Park in Nagano, Hirosaki Park in Aomori, and Yoshino Mountain in Nara.
The Yoshino Mountain in Nara are known for more than 30,000 beautiful Sakura trees planted at high elevation and its view is like mountain of pink!!
It is definitely a sight to see!!!




Reginald Pentinio | Flickr


Oh by the way!, have you noticed we are having extra sales lately?
You can buy Kimono, obi, fukusa and more charming items at a really good price, some are under $20 or even $10!
They sell quite fast, so make sure to wake up early (or stay up late?) to check our daily listings!
For your information....., our new releases are listed at about 5:45 am, Japan Time.
We are not sure that time that is in your country, but we hope you can be near a PC when they are being listed!!
You can also check only the sale/extra sale/final sales items from the pull down which was added just recently.
Good luck!!!!


Extra Sale

Final Sale
https://goo.gl/cBfM0w (not many now)

Thank you for reading til the end.
Have a wonderful weekend!