Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.792


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Dear Ichiroya news letter readers How are you doing?
This time Iori is writing.
'Sakura'(cherry blossoms) is in full bloom in Japan.
I hear lots of songs including 'sakura' phrase from the radio these days.
I went to Hanami(Sakura viewing) the other night.
In this season, sakura trees are illuminated by lanterns beautifully at night.
People are sitting down under the trees and have a party after work.
That is a well-known scene in Japan.
I watched the TV and it said many foreigners enjoy Hanami in late years.
Beautiful sakura with yummy Japanese foods and drinks! Sounds nice, doesn't it?
I recommend you to come and enjoy viewing sakura in Japan.


Zengame | Flickr


We don't enjoy only seeing sakura but also eating the flowers.  I use salted sakura flower for cooking salad, baking cakes and breads or making soda as an accent. The pink color is beautiful to the eye and also it has good slight flower smell.
Now you know how much Japanese love sakura!


By the way, this Heisei era is ending in this April 2019 in Japan, and that means the Emperor withdraws from the Throne. The name of new era name was announced the other day. 'Reiwa' is the name. It comes from 'Manyoshu'(Japanese poems). 'Reiwa' is '令和’in Kanji character. '令’means 'order', 'command', 'auspicious' and so on. '和' means 'peace', 'harmony' and so on. I think it is a beautiful name and new era will be better one for all of us.
In Japan, we have about a week long holiday called "Golden week" every year at the end of April through beginning of May. This time it will be a little bit longer due to changing the era. Our office will be closed from April 27th through May 6th. During this holiday, no new items will be listed, and we won't be able to reply to any emails or process shipments. 
Thank you so much for your understanding.
After sakura season, roses, 'hanamizuki'(flowering dogwood), carnations, poppies, 'fuji' (wisteria)... many fowers bigin to bloom one after another.  I will introduce Kimonos & Obis with flower motif.