Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.678

Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu from Yoko at Ichiroya!  
Kotoshimo dozo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.
May the new year bring peace, happiness and laughter to you and yours.

Today, I would like to tell you about my Oshogatsu routine.
I spend every Oomisoka(New Near's Eve) and Gantan(New Year's Day) at my parents' place in Nara.
We have Toshikoshi Soba and watch Kohaku Utagassen on Oomisoka, and enjoy Osechi (traditional Japanese New Year's food) on Gantan which my mom prepares.
Here is a photo of Osechi my mom prepared this year. She makes the best Osechi that we could all enjoy.



My dad writes our names on bags of chopsticks and we sit where assinged by the each bag.
We greet the new year by Osechi, a cup of Sake, and Otoshidama(money bag). Of course, I am too old to receive Otoshidama....

After breakfast, we go Hatsumoude, visit to a shrine to make wishes for the year.
Every year we visit Kashihara Jingu shrine, which is only about 30minutes from my parents' place.
Kashigara jingu is always packed with Hatumoude crowds. Since this Gantan was warm and sunny, there seemed more people visiting.

Here are some photos of our Hatsumoude at Kashihara Jingu this year. Can you see the heads of people!!??
We pass by tempting food and fun game stalls on our way to the main shrine. If we stop at one stall, we know we never get to the main gate, so we are determined to have fun on our way back.



We wash hands and clear throat by water before entering the gate of the main Jingu.
It is the year of the Rooster, and you see a huge Ema plate at the main entrance? People are lined to take a picture!



okiyome.jpg ( 191 KB )

We bow, give a small offering and clap hands before wishing for the year. Of course, you keep the wishes to yourself...shhhhh
Ok now, it is Omikuji time. Omikuji is a New Year fortune telling paper. It grades from unlucky to lucky in 12 levels.
This is the biggest event for Hatsumoude, well at least to my kids!
As always, my luck starts low in the beginning, but which should mean it will end good. (right?)





After Omikuji, here comes the fun part, temptations we ignored on Sando, path to the Shrine, my kids were running to the stalls they had their eyes on.
We had Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, and etc. Even after my mom's yummy Osechi, I could eat alot more!!! 








Sadly,  I did not find many people dressed in Kimono at Hatsumoude....
People may think that dressing in Kimono on Gantan is too dressy. No! that is not true!
To Hatsumoude, you do not need to dress up, you can just wear a casual Kimono, such as Komon, Tsumugi, or even cotton or wool Kimono for a change.  It is better that motifs include winter related or winter flower motifs, but no strict rules.
If you are attending a rather formal celebration, you can upgrade to Iromuji or Houmongi as well.

What about these charming Kimono which is perfect for a daily wear but also to Hatsumoude?


Dewa mata!
arigato gozaimasu for reading til the end.

Have a wonderful weekend!