Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.649


Colorful Rainbows & Treasures Pattern Vintage Maru Obi




Dear Ichiroya newsletter readers,

Hello! I'm Mei from Ichiroya.( Have you ever seen "description:yamamoto" in each item page? It's me! :D hi) Today I want to introduce the Ichiroya members who are writing future newsletters! (clap-clap)

Mari (she wrote the last newsletter showng her amazing beaded work! This is the last newsletter: http://kyouki.hatenablog.com/entry/2016/06/05/184332)is health-consious and I'm so interested in the super-food she always eats. Mitsue is gentle and warm woman but she sometimes says her opinion clearly, I respect that her style. Nagisa sits next me in our office. She always laughs a lot. I'm a fan of her. haha Yumi is a newcomer from Kyushu region. She is so studious and polite woman riaing her three  little children. Yoko is our dependable leader. Thanks to her, we give our opinions each other. Oh and she really loves dogs. Yuka, our managing director always smiles. She is thoughtful and her smiling makes everyone happy.

And... me! Hi again, it's Mei ;D I love to travel and I'm a backpacker and sometimes hitchhiker. When I was staying Canada as an assistant teacher at elementary school, I went travel almost all areas of Canada during my vacations. And before coming back to my university, one of my dreams has come true. Guess what! I could see aurora in Yellowknife! That was fabulous beyond description, that's why I can't stop traveling. Please let me know the recommendations in your country! Someday I want to go there.

By the way, did you enjoy "doro-dango", of last newsletter? Can you believe that made from mud(not metal!) ? I'm sooooo interested in it and wanna make it so much because my friend's graduation research was also... yes, "doro-dango"! Incidentally, my subject of research was " rainbow". Psychological effects of each colors, differences of the number of colors of rainbow between countries and times, and meanings of rainbow as a symbol in arts, those gave me more interests about colors, rainbow. So today I want recommend you some Kimonos and Obis with rainbow designs! (woo-hoo)


Flower Design Houmongi by Sansai Saito

Butterfly Pattern Tsumugi Kimono

Gradation Design Houmongi Kimono


Flower Design Nagoya Obi by Sansai Saito

Housouge Design Nagoya Obi

Peony Design Shioze Nagoya Obi

Do you like them? These items will brighten up your kimono fashion for sure! We want you to enjoy our newsletters more and more with many kinds of topics and information from Ichiroya!

Thank you for reading to the end. Please look forward to next my turn!!! haha
See you then :D