Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.831

Hello, Ichiroya news letter readers!
Ogenkidesuka? Hope you are having wonderful weekend.
Though a month has passed already, this is the first time writing the news letter for me in 2020, so Akemashite Omedetougozaimasu!(Happy New Year to everyone!)
Do you set any goals or ambitions at the beginning of the year in your country?
In Japan, we do that. We make goals or ambitions by ourselves, and talk and share about that with family.
We did that on the 1st in January.
My kids have some funny and good goals, so let me share some of them.
The oldest girl, just turned to 8 years old, said 'I will go to the toilet by myself this year! and I also want to learn 'Shuji'(calligraphy class).'
The second 5 years old boy said 'I will go to the toilet by myself this year! and I also want to learn 'Karate'!!"
The third 3 years old girl said 'I  will go to the toilet by myself this year! and I want to wear kimono every day!!'
"Kids! Mom is so happy if you guys go to the toilet by yourself!"
(Please don't worry, they don't need any help but they just want me to accompany them to the toilet.)
Well, nobody of them has achieved this goal so far.
I hope they do so I can save some time in the busy morning.
The older daughter and the son have just started learning 'Shuji'(calligraphy) and 'Karate' since last week.
The younger daughter wore casual kimono on the new year's day and some people told her that she looked so cute in the kimono. She was really happy so she wore kimono for a few days from then on.
Now she says "Mom! I want to wear dresses like Disney princesses!" 


Anyway, I also made some goals, too. One of them is to wear kimono this year.
I just wore Yukata at once in last summer. We'll have my son's entrance ceremony this spring so I am planning to wear kimono at that time. I got a fantastic flower design Houmongi kimono from Ichiroya. I am looking forward to putting on it.
I also want to try kimono casually for outing. Do you know the way to wear obi without tying? It is kind of a trend in Japan now. It is very easy way to wear obi without tying, you just bind the obi round your waist like a belt, and bind Obijime (or a belt is fine) onto it. It is new way to enjoy kimono more casually.
We shared some photos of the style in our Instagram. 




Hanhaba obi(narrow obi) is good for that style.
Let me introduce some of them.
Some of you already know we made iPhone case(for X and Xs) and wonderful cashmere stoles.
They are so kawaii!!
Cashmere Stoles 
It goes well not only with kimono but also with shirt or blouse style!

Arigatougozaimshita (Thank you)for reading till the end.
Please have a good weekend!