Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.604


New York Fashion Week---even people who are not interested in Fashion can recognize `New York Fashion Week' as a  very special event in Japan.

We did not know the details but we know this is a really exciting event which fashion industry people from all over the world come and see the cutting edge fashion. 


One of our customer, Hiromi Asai, a kimono stylist is planning to have an authentic kimono fashion show in this special event together with Kimono Artisan Kyoto.

They are planning to show `authentic' kimono collection produced by real kimono artisans. As they are saying in the video, they are feeling the crisis of kimono culture and technique and were seeking for the breakthrough.

They made the above video for the crowd funding for the project-kimono fashion show in New York Fashion Week in Feb 2016. You know, kimono are not cutting edge fashion but traditional Japanese costume with the collection of elaborate handwork. If the show becomes real, we are sure it will be a gorgeous `wearable art' show.

Those who are interested in this project, please click here for the details;

2016  kimono fashion show crowd funding