Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.601


Hello from Yuka from Ichiroya.

You might have seen very similar photo recently, Prince George and Princess Charlotte together.

The above photo is Takumi, our second mago(grandchild) who was born on May 15th and Ichino, his elder sister.Ichino and her mother Shoko (our elder daughter) came to our house early May to stay with us. It is quite usual that women go back o their parents' house for the time before and after giving birth. They live in Yamanashi prefecture, at the foot of Mt Fuji, and it is about 8 hours drive from here.

We were so surprised to see Ichino's growth when we came to see them at ShinOsaka station when they came by Shikansen.  She was so reasonable and smart and looked to be ready to become  `yoi onechan' (nice big sister), already even though she just became two years old. We thought taking care of Ichino and the new baby  would be a lot of fun and must be very easy.


The reality is, Ichino became like a baby and also her `Iya Iya byo' has started. `Iya' means `NO'. She says `Iya' to everything and does opposite things. Of course that is the typical two-year-old child! When I say, `Stop doing that', she keeps doing. `Akachan gaeri' (becoming like a baby again) and `Iya Iya byo' (saying NO to everything), that is Ichino now. She has been an only child for two years and first mago (grandchild) to both grandparents, so this reality-having a little brother must be her first severe trial!

When Ichino was born, Shoko and Ichino stayed with us for about two months. We cradled Ichino by turns and spoke with small voice when she was asleep. We used thermometer to measure temperature of hot water when we bathed her. 

Now, Takumi sleeps in this noisy room (it is quite noisy...Ichino makes a lot of sound)

wearing a pink rompers....hand-me-down of Ichino. When Ichino is in bad mood, Shoko has to stop breast-feeding. When we only had Ichino, breast-feeding time was sacred time and nobody could interrupt! First child and second child-what a big difference! When Ichino was born, everyone was a bit nervous, we were all beginners. This time we are more relaxed and enjoy every minute.

Ichiro goes to office everyday as usual but I am taking some days off during weekdays.

Ichiro is Shigoto no oni(workaholic), but today I saw his happy moment together with Takumi and Love.


They will go back to their home early next month. Ichino talks a lot and her vocabulary is increasing drasticaly, but now she is a big baby and also I can see she will be a very bossy onechan. Having a bossy sister must be all little brothers' fate.

Ganbare, Takumi,(Hang on, Takumi)