Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No584


Love wearing `used clothing'(the gown says, `Japan Champion-Japan Police Dog Association Tokyo Branch).

Ichiro has been writing his blog everyday for three years ( in Japanese) . One time he wrote about our dog (Love is her name) and this has been read by many people. Among his blog, this has been one of the top 5.  We like to translate this blog into English - we hope you enjoy.


You should not keep Lablador Retriever. You can see celebrities walking Lab sometimes but do not keep Lab even though they look cool.

Golden Retrievers are more good looking. Their beautiful long hair look so nice. Lab's head look like a priest.

Do not keep Lab because they look smart. It is true Lab are often seen as guide dogs or therapy dogs. Golden Retrievers and Border collies must be smarter.

Our dog, Love(she is a Lab), we cannot say she is smart.
She tries to run towards cars when I try to walk with her. I have to keep explaining her, she should keep walking my side even though she thinks it must be more exciting to run where cars are going.

Don't keep Lab because they are good companion of exercise. Our famlies schedule start by deciding who is walking Love on the day. I usually walk her in the evening, so I cannot go drinking with friends so often. Sometimes I have to leave early ---even though my friends are having fun - there might be a nice business or nice information, but still I have to leave them behind and run home for Love. 

If you have a huge dog run in your property, you do not have to have this routine walk but until you have such huge dog run, you should not keep Lab.

Don't keep Lab because they look gentle and friendly.  One time Love found her favorite neighbor walking and made a sudden dash toward him, our daughter was walking with Love but she slipped and fell because it was so sudden (it was a rainy day). She hit her head on the ground, and this neighbor called an ambulance.  She took x ray and fortunately, there was nothing.
When I was playing with Love, she was trying to bite a towel but bit me accidently. She tried to welcome my mother in law and broke her glasses. Did you know how much were the glasses?

We have not have the experience yet but it will be so difficult when Lab become older, so don't keep Lab. They are big, even though they become older.

Our staff had a Lab- he became senile with his age-he just could not get out from a hole because he could not step back. He just kept barking sadly. We have our old parents, and taking care of old Lab must be a lot of work.

Don't keep Lab because they look reasonable and loyal.
After work, I walk her and after supper, I can finally have my free time.

She finds me and brings her towel to me and push my arm, begging me to play with her. She looks at me with her pleading eyes and I cannot resist. All right, Love, just a short time, I always surrender.
Even though they are quiet and do not bark so often, don't keep Lab.


I sit on the sofa and call her- she climbs on the sofa and put her head on my knees--- and give a big sigh. She is eight years old now. I keep petting her head and she sometimes lifts her head and licks my fingers. I turn off TV. I close the book I was reading or I turn off my iPad, just keep quiet with Love. Doing nothing but sit on the sofa with Love. I just savor this moment.

If you do not like such blissful time, you should not keep Lab.