Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No593


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Our favorite sakura season is becoming to the end. We still can see some sakura(cherry blossoms) but most of the blossoms are gone. We had so much rain recently, so it seemed it was really a short period of time.  It was really hakanai, very short time beauty we could savor. It is always like this.

In Sakura season, weather tends to be very confusing. We say, San-kan, Shi-on, which means three cold days and four warm days. It was really opposite this year, and in some area, they had snow and sakura at the same time. 

On chilly days, miso-soup is the best thing to warm us. Actually, many people have miso-soup(In Japanese, it is miso-shiru) at least once a day. If you go to Japanese restaurant, sometimes miso- soup comes along with what you order without asking. There are a lot of instant miso-soup too, and many people love to have those miso-soup together with their lunch. We often have freeze-dry miso-soup at lunch time and I love those soup from Amano food company.

(Please scroll down to see thier miso-soup line-up)


Their miso-soup taste very nice-you may not be able to tell it is instant. The quality is very high, and we hear their freeze-dry miso-soup are used for meals in hospitals and schools also.

As you may know, miso paste is made of soy beans. All you need is soy beans, malted rice and salt, that't all. Here is the video showing how to make miso at home-very simple and nice video:


If you have miso, you can make miso soup easily-and gu (ingreadients of miso-soup) can be almost ANYTHING.

I just found this website from another company who makes shoyu(soy-sauce) and other products. They are showing miso-soup for everyday. On the left of this page, they show miso-soup recipe of each season, and on the right, they show by different ingriedients(vegetables, seafood, beans, eggs and mild products, and others). There are many examples of ingriedients. We hope you enjoy the variety of miso-soup!


You can put all kinds of vegetables, seafood, meat, eggs .... it is hard to think about what cannot be put!  Here are some unique ingriedients:

Bacon and snow peas:


Porched egg and watercress! It looks like Frehcn dish!



Tonight, we had miso-soup with spring onion, carrot, wakame(sea vegetables) with oage(deep-fried tofu). It tasted really good. We used to buy miso paste, but these years, the family of Shoko's husband(Shoko is our daughter) sends us miso they make each year from Yamanashi. They have a small koya(hut) just for miso making. They boil beans in a huge deep pan and use a mincer and make a huge amount of miso for their family for the year. The grandparents always do this miso-making, and last year, our granddaughter Ichino was also helping them mix the mashed soy beans (she was snatching boiled soy beans too). The family-made miso soup tastes so good. Nothing can be compared. Temae-miso, means our home made miso and it  also means, `singing one's own praises'. It is true, nothing is better than home-made miso.