Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No580

Hello from Ichiroya. Ichiro is my husband's name and we are glad the baseball player Ichiro (Suzuki) did a  great job in both NPB and MLB and is known by so many people in the world. It is good to know this coincidence of the same name.

This time we like to talk about another Ichiro, who is a president of Venture Whiskey company. 

I did not know, Japanese whiskey was included in Five best whiskey in the world.(the Five best whiskey - Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, Canadian and Japanese).

Suntory and Nikka are the two big representative Japanese whiskey makers and Yamazaki, Hibiki and Yoichi are quite famous among whiskey lovers. However, WWA (World Whiskey Award) chose Ichiro's malt as a grand prize of Japanese Whiskey (less than 12 years age). Ichiro made the whiskey at Habu Distillery, but the company was in crisis fo bankrupt. This Habu  Distillery has been closed and the unblended malt whisky was about to be abandoned. Ichiro tried to find help and finally found one sake company who helped this crisis. Ichiro had no money but this company was moved by his passion for the malt. With this help, `Ichiro's malt card series' was sold and won a great reputaion in Whiskey Magazine and also won a lot of price at WWA.



In 2007, the new Chichibu Distillery in Saitama prefecture started-Ichiro's family was originally from this place-his ancester was making sake. Ichiro says, `we only sell what is satisfying. It takes time and it may not be liked by everyone, but if whiskey lovers enjoy our whiskey somewhere in the world, it is fine. After twenty years, thirty years, if those people still remember and enjoy our malt again, it is great'.



Waiting for the whiskey to mature in the cask-no shortening, no hastiness, just put the process into nature's hand, and wait with patience.

We are so glad to find another Ichiro who is doing great job in this field!