Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.520

October is almost gone-after the long and very hot summer, we were having typhoon season. I did belated Koromogae (change wardrobe for the new season)this weekend. When I was a school girl, on Oct 01, we changed to winter uniform. June 01 was the day to start wearing summer uniform. The date was decided and we all followed the rule.

It seems we have more abnormal climate recently, so Koromogae date is not practical. Kimono has so many rules related to seasons but they too are not practical recently, so I think the rules can be relaxed accordingly. It is nice, kimono can tell the coming of the new season but you do not want to faint wearing lined kimono on the day with late summer heat!

It is the time for Fuyujitaku, winter preparation - I put kotatsu in our living room today.

Ichiro loves kotatsu. At first, he sits on the floor, leaning his back to the sofa but gradually his whole body is in kotatsu except his head. Sleeping in kotatsu is just so nice. You cannot get away from drowsiness and just fall asleep when you put your feet in kotatsu on cold day!


Haramaki, a belly warmer tie is another `must' thing for winter. I remember I was so surprised to hear a missionary from USA was looking for a haramaki in Japan. I asked, `don't you have haramaki in USA?' and he said `no'. Haramaki was always around, it is just a very simple `tube' shape thing to warm your belly. What was seen before  was knitted haramaki, often handmade. Even for summer too, haramaki is good for children to avoid belly from becoming cool. Wearing haramki over pajamas was the popular style for children. Haramaki also reminds us of Tora san, the most loved character of Torasan movies. Torasan always wears haramaki with camel color, that is his trademark.


Torasan is a lovable loser character, who keeps travelling and Torasan series movies are more than 48! 

Haramaki keeps your belly and back warm, wearing haramaki at night is good and recently, thin haramaki are popular to wear in winter. There are all kinds of `fashinable' haramaki, there are many kinds of `pokapoka goods`(warming goods) but haramaki is always loved not only for children but for young people too.

At Amazon Japan, you can see all kinds of Haramaki!


Also, haramaki with cute design are found too!


Haramaki can keep you warm and healthy during cold season. It might become a popular winter item worldwide-you may already have haramaki in your country...